Modular Storage with Movement

Inspired by play and motion, SQUIGL is a series of modular shelving units. Two mirrored non-uniform spline frames house a track of tambour-mounted and dyed wooden squiggly lines on a natural wool felt membrane backing. Connected by a string of dowel pegs and brass grommets, a playful drawbridge moves across the two larger shelving components. This drawbridge wiggles and sways with interaction, in addition to conforming to hold whatever is stored. These three components of SQUIGL can be multiplied and arranged to create any number of sequences - the pieces fit together like a puzzle. The squiggly line that composes the form of the framing and tessellating tambour was discovered early on in ideation. Drawn from the architecture of skate spaces as well as mathematical waves, it playfully communicates movement as well as easily lending itself to a repeating pattern, perfectly complimenting it's function as modular shelving