Clarity through Concrete

“Fire Box” explores themes of loss, release, and transformation of both physical items and the value we place onto them. Fire box is a resting place and striking block for a humble match, with a larger and deeper opening which is empty. This opening exists as a furnace for the user to place an active match along with the fuel of their choice. An aluminum lid acts as a vent to direct smoke and heat upwards. The base form and materiality is inspired by a gabled-roof home where I experienced physical loss through fire, neglect, and theft. The home and it’s contents were damaged by a furnace fire, which made the choice of lid as a furnace register form appropriate. Fire Box is either a match holder or a furnace based on the user’s answer to the question - “what are you willing to let go of?”



Prompted to create a container for a personal precious item, I was forced to face my disconnection with the material world. The only objects I could think of as "special" were replaceable necessities with utility. I knew that it wasn’t always like this for me, there was a time in my life when I personified my belongings with names, attributing to them immense value beyond their purpose. The strongest memory I have of this relationship dynamic was in my childhood home, it's form inspired much of this design as a place that I lost along with much of it's character and contents.